Trial license activation error, FDTD Solutions.

I got my Lumerical FDTD solutions trial version license on 11 June.
I am not able to activate the license.
It says the license is activated in another computer, but I havent activated it anywhere else
Also says “Activation failed with code 12”

Attached is the message I get.

Thank you for help,

Thanks for the post and for providing me your license information. We can see that the license/code you provided has already been successfully activated. You will not be able to activate this license on a different computer unless you “deactivate” it on the other computer where you first tried to activate it on. Please see this article on transferring Node lock license to another computer:

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I got it repaired!!

Many thanks,


could you please tell me how you repaired that error as it appears to me now , thanks

Can you please provide screen shot of the error?

In my case,
I had first entered the license code in one user in Windows 7 (lets say user1).
Then I was trying to use it again in another user account of Windows 7 (lets say user2) in the same computer.
That caused the error.

So, I logged in to user1 and deactivated the license.
Then activated the license in user2.

It worked!!