Trial activation failed with code 3-



I just signed up for the 30 day trial of DEVICE and got it installed on my Mac.

When I copy my activation code into the ‘Licence Configure’ application and click ‘Activate’ I get the following error message:

Activation failed with code 3 -
FLEX Code: 0
Transaction Code: 0. Please contact
Lumerical technical support for assistance

There are no licences in the licence tab as referenced here: Error while applying trial license.

How can I resolve this. Thanks.


Hi @lyap
I made an extensive research in Lumerical’s Knowledge base but I did not find any reference for this error. I suppose that it is a “Trusted storage activation error”.


Hi Soon Hock,

Based on the error code -3, It seems the Trusted storage files might have damaged during the activation process. Can you please Uninstall the product and try to reinstall it again. Please also make sure you have an active internet connection all the time while you are using Lumerical’s photonics design software.

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