Trasnmission spectra in PC stucture

I am trying to reproduce the result in this paper:
I have problem to find figure 5 and 6.
I used Gaussian beam for excitation .
I read this tutorial:
But I do not have any idea for solving the problems.
Can anyone help me?
My simulation file: PC-with-gaussian.fsp (475.0 KB)

The Best

I think that the rods index is 2.4

Dear @mostafanaseri

There are few concerns about your simulation file:

  1. In paper, author mentions that geometry is PC waveguide with dielectric rods in air. My understanding is that you have a PC waveguide with holes shown by rods (where can be selected to be from other materials).

  2. Is there a reason that you excite modes with Gaussian beam?

I think you need to adjust the geometry, and use a Mode source. You could also do these simulation using FDE solver, example of which is shown in this direct.

I hope this was helpful.

Hi behzad,
I have FDTD solutions only.Can I simulate it with FDTD?

in paper:"The dielectric rods
in air with lattice constant of a = 640nm and radius of rod
with r = 0.18a are used for this structure.


Hi @mostafanaseri

Yes, you can. FDE could speed up the simulation time, but any type of simulation is possible with FDTD.