Transmitted Power Sign in reflection script,

I wanted to process & plot the transmission and reflection at once in the same script of the transmission using bloch boundary conditions sweep. I’ve attached it, currently the reflection plot is the same as transmission, if I put the negative sign for the transmitted power in either R_final matrix definition or in front of R_final in the plot command it is just a monocolor reflection map (all blue). Where am I supposed to correctly adjust the transmitted power sign? Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you, Trans-Refl.lsf (7.1 KB)

Dear @nmu-893

Can you please attach your simulation file for a review? It will be a great help to know the design and the results that you are trying to plot. Also, if this is a KB example, can you please provide the link?


Hello bkhanaliloo , I am sorry, I was working with Bloch BCs in broadband sweeps example attached here, I am trying to plot the reflection and transmission from the monitors in one combined sweep but I can’t seem to figure out the correct place for sign conversion within the script above. Thank you,usr_bloch_angle_sweep.lsf (6.5 KB)
usr_bloch_angle_sweep.fsp (15.9 KB)

Dear @nmu-893

It does not seem to be the problem of the monitors but rather setting the colorbar limits. See the plotting section for example:

image(f/1e12,theta,-transpose(R_final),"frequency (THz)","theta (deg)","Reflection");   ## LUM CHANGE
setplot("colorbar min",0);  setplot("colorbar max",1);      ## LUM CHANGE

As you can see we set the limits to be 0 to1 while your plot is from -1 to 0. If you modify the it to be:

setplot("colorbar min",-1); setplot("colorbar max",0); ## LUM CHANGE

or simply uncomment it you should get a plot like this:

I hope that I understood your question and could answered it. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.