Transmission/reflection for a non-periodic structure


I usually simulate scattering/absorption using a tfsf source and the cross section analysis group. But I’m wondering, is it possible to simulate transmission through a non-periodic structure? Such as using a gaussian source and put a power monitor below the substrate. Every example I find for simulating transmission/reflection utilize a bloch/periodic boundary, but in my case, the structure is not periodic (in experiments).

Hi @pedram.sadeghi
The TFSF source is often used to study scattering from small particles. It is useful when plane wave illumination of non-periodic devices is required, such as a defect on a planar surface.The TFSF source can also be used for non-periodic structures in a multi-layer substrate, which may be lossy or anisotropic.

Thank you for the reply, I know how the TFSF source works, but right now, I’m not interested in scattering. My question was about transmission/reflection evaluation for non-periodic structures, since that is what we use in experiments, i.e. illuminating a sample with a gaussian beam and derecting transmitted/reflected light.

*Detecting, not derecting