Transmission normalized to single source(Multiple sources simulation)


My analysis contains two non-time overlapping TF/SF sources. I want to calculate the reflection and transmission from only one of the sources but transmission command uses normalization relative to the two sources. I tried to re-normalize and then normalize to the one source I am interested in but didn’t give me right results.
How can I calculate the transmission relative to a single source?
Thanks a lot.


Hello, the transmission command is normalized the sourcepower command. And the sourcepower command returns the sum of all sourcepowers if there are more than one source. With some manual processes for renormalization, it should be possible to normalized the recorded power to the power of the source you want. However, it is not very clear to me why you would want to do that. If you can tell us more about the application you are trying to simulate and the name of the reference paper you are trying to reproduce the results. I could try to provide more comments.


Thanks for your help.