Transient simulation for heat dissipation in nanostructures


I am trying to look at heat dissipation over time in nano-antennas. I have been looking at this example:
If I run a transient simulation the program returns an error of “At least two distinct times must be specified for transient simulation”.I have set the heat solver for transient. Where else do I need to define this?


You need to set the duration of your simulation (when the simulation starts and when it ends) using the boundary conditions. You need to have at least one boundary condition that has a transient property (property as a function of time). The start and end time of the boundary condition will define the simulation start and end time. If your boundary condition will remain fixed with time, you will still need to define it at the start and end time point to let the solver know what the start and end times are. For example, in the screenshot below, the tempeature at the bottom of the simulation region is set to 300 K at t=0 and at t=1e10 fs. So the simulation will run from 0 to 1e10 fs.

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I have did so and it worked. Many thanks for your assistance!

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