Transferring material models between optical solvers



I use FDTD and need material data like AlN , GaN , AlGaN .
Recently i realized that those materials are in the MODE software database. Why not in FDTD ? Can i import them ?


Hi. FDTD Solutions and Mode Solutions use the same material database. The default material databases in neither of them contain nitride materials (AlN, GaN, AlGaN, …). If you have material models for these materials in MODE Solutions then they were added to the default database. Saying that, if you have material models in MODE Solutions, you can easily import them into FDTD Solutions and vice versa. Here’s how to,

  1. In MODE Solutions, open the material database and click on the button on top of the material list that says “Export material file” with mouse over.

  1. save the material file “any_name.mdf”

  2. Import the material file in FDTD Solutions using the “Import material file button”.

NOTE: This method saves all the material models from the database into the .mdf file. As a result, when loading the file, the solver may find a lot of material already existing in the database

** To avoid this, you can delete all other materials from the source files material database and just keep the materials you want to import and then save the material file.

Material file .mdf
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