Transfer Floating license to another computer




Sorry for bumping an old topic, but could somebody point me in the right direction for instructions to transfer a floating license? I tried searching, but couldn’t find what I was looking for and I don’t want to make a mistake in case I lose one of the 3 allowed deactivations.
(I understand that the floating license allows FDTD to be run on other computers, but I’m making a permanent switch of computer, so it’s a waste of resources to keep the old computer permanently switched on.)

Thank you.

How to transfer Node-Lock license to a different machine

Hi @ie5003_allison,

Please Deactivate the Floating license from the current machine as described here:

Install the license manager on the new computer as outlined in this article in our KB:

Otherwise, if the license manager is already installed on the computer, Activate the Floating license as discussed in the following article in our KB:


Thank you.