Tips for visualizing results in INTERCONNECT



To directly visualize the results by right-clicking on the analyzer and choose Display results:
Only the results that are annotated in the Result View window can be directly visualized by right clicking the analyzer. All the annotated results will be plotted in the same figure. This feature is especially useful when some certain results are always of interest and need to be plotted.

To visualize several results in the same figure:
Simply select multiple results (press and hold down the Ctrl key) that you are interested in and right-click for visualization. A certain result can also be removed from the Attributes list by select this result and click on the “Remove” button.

To export the raw data from the VISUALIZER window:
Just click on the “Export to” drop down menu and select the “text” option. The raw data will then be saved to a text file.

Please refer to the Visualizer and figure windows page for more information and tips.