Time required to save result


I have a question on the time required to save simulation result right after running the simulation. I have found that the result is being saved with speed around 100 Mbps, and I want to know if this speed is normal, or not, even when I have much higher speed for disk (SSD) or network (10GbE). This low saving speed was frustrating as I ran some simulations, which finish fast but have large result (>100 GB); the time taken to save the file was comparable to the time taken to run the file.

As I stated earlier, I want to know if this speed is normal; and if not, what might be wrong about it.

Thank you,
Jungho Mun.

Hello Junho Mun,

I think this speed is normal. Not only you, many other users must have also met this problem.

It is not only related to how large your simulation file is, but also related to how many processors you use to run your simulation. If one processor is employed, the file saving time will not be long. But if you use more processors, the file saving time must be longer, because every processor needs time to release the results to the main file after the simulation is finished.

Hope the above information helps.