Time dependent losses

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I want to simulate an arm of a Mach-Zehnder-modulator. The phase and losses should be voltage-dependent. The voltage is time-variant (u(t)). I this case the output of a sine generator with a DC-offset.
The losses can be defined as a polynomial in the optical modulator but this is not a good fit for my real device. The losses of the phase sections follow a (a+u(t))^b expression.
When I have the time-dependency of the phase shifter included I want to build an MZM structure and simulate the modulation losses dependent on the bias point and the RF amplitude.


Since the OM building blocks have only polynomial fits for the losses I do not see how to make a better fit or make the expression dependant on time-variant signals.

I am Using Lumerical Interconnect 2019b.

time dependent phase-shifter.icp (119.4 KB)

Hello @chriswagner,

I would recommend you try using the scripted optical modulator element, where you can define the loss using a script, for example: “LOSS=(a + INPUT)^b”.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.