Tilt angle

We would like to analyze the optimization of tilt angle of the cell to maximize optical enhancement. How do we achieve this?

You should be able to achieve this optimization by using the built-in “optimization” tool in FDTD Solutions.

You can create an optimization sweep and set the tilt angle of the cell as a parameter and the absorbed power as the figure of merit to be optimized (see sample screenshot below).

To learn more about the optimization tool in FDTD, take a look at this KB page: Optimization.

I wish to measure the absorption within the cell for different tilt angles. For that, I normally use the ‘transmission’ syntax in the script editor to generate the normalized power for different monitors. How do I achieve this for different tilt angles using optimization? What ‘result’ do I choose to optimize?

If you are trying to optimize transmission of a single monitor then you can simply choose the ‘T’ of that monitor as the result in the optimization object.

If you want to optimize the T from multiple monitors then you can define a variable in the Analysis portion of the “model” object in the objects tree and include the script to calculate transmission. From the optimization object you can then select this variable.