The the Gaussian-pulse propagates in the plasmonic waveguide

Dear engineer, Figure 1 illustrates the plasmonic waveguide composed of an insulator layer sandwiched between two different semi-infinite metal claddings (the upper layer is HMM1 material, the middle is si3n4, then the substrate is HMM2). To investigate the time evolution of the pulse propagating through the plasmonic waveguide system, the Gaussian-pulse source located in the centre of the insulator is set to excite the TM mode, with the center wavelength of 1550nm, 50nm bandwidth. We want to get the signal results of propagation distance 80nm, 120nm, 150nm, 180nm, 200nm, similar to these articles (see the appendix). And my model is also shown in the appendix.
Reference 1
Reference 2
slow light propagation(20170525).fsp (6.4 MB)

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