The simulation of Ring-resonator varFDTD has not convergence

Dear users,
I’m running a ring-resonator using mode varFDTD, but I don’t know why it can’t be convergent. Could you please help me to solve this problem. I appreciate it. Thank youRing_berkely.lms|attachment (942.5 KB)

@kchow Could you please help me to look at that. Thank you so much.


I think varFDTD in MODE Solution might not be the best tool for you, since your structure does not look like a planar structure to me. I assume that the si-np block will affect the mode profile - vertical coupling. So I believe you will need to stick with FDTD.

Second, the straight waveguide will need to go through the PMLs to avoid light being feedbacked to the source. This KB page has some good examples for you to start with.

These are some points that are immediate obvious to me, I am happy to take a second look at it once you set it up in FDTD.