The script of FDTD solutions have some errors



When I saved my script of FDTD solutions, there is no error. But when I re-opened it, the content of the script is replaced by some strange strings as below. I wonder if anyone knows why there is such a problem?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>{11FE91F8-11C9-4182-828A-4C28DC0B9B23}Nf3bQ1ZVV2eB9eZLRZkIbeRHlWkvQT7R+AzHltqBChbN9sG1icooiWXEFpUbVXk2DdM1+mHaNgbChsENrLMLuM9C8MpEWREh1PYSVjdG/7ca8xWuCyllB3sGXoBt+XVX4NUlWaOensROdfU118U9NVEZ9T+tPIiM9e4Xahy/cXbh8YpDWAi3FKP6mbT9ewenMwLznnZdGQNpXtokAasXYk6vd9VS0Bv6QJvc3KmyKbvHEMtOrXviE4poak97ge6HifTzMn6ZsXoh/j4reLkDJVh/VgaZOOElsjK4dHNKLm+Q2d429YY2b9kLxE69blfdIZ/O2Dz9zi12bEPB7ifNNA==onKwJkvQbsy/XFbA/mmI+A==


This looks like the script file became encrypted. Which version of FDTD are you using? The latest version (v.8.15.697) should not have this problem.