the question about the bent waveguide example


dear all
I have learnt the bent waveguide on your website.

however I can’t get the same answer although I do as you teach us.I can’t get the right mode when I can check the “bent waveguide” option, and calculate the mode in the bent section of the waveguide,which as show below.

I dont know how to make it right and get the right result as you show.

second question: on your website,you said that the overlap calculated between the two modes is about 98.8% while the value on the picture you show is just 99.78%(as the picture show above).What I want to know is that which answer is right.

Can anyone help me solve the two questions? Hope to get yourfeedback. Thanks a lot.:slight_smile:


The reasons are likely that: 1) you are using an older version of MODE. 2) You changed the boundaries, FDE dimensions or the mesh.

This post could be helpful;