the properties of the amorphous silicon and the polysilicon

dear all
When I have learnt the FDTD and DEVICE of the lumerical,I found that there are two important material( amorphous silicon and the polysilicon) whic have not been included in your material library.In the new future,will you add these two material in your library?In my own opinion,I think these two material are also used widely in the CMOS technology.Of course,we can add it by ourselves.But it can be more convenience for us to use the software if you add the two materials in the library because we dont need to find the property through searching a lot of paper.It is only a
suggestion on the user position.Thanks.

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Dear @jbwei

Thank you very much for reaching out and sharing your thoughts.

My understanding as it is mentioned in this post is that there is not definitive model/value for polycrystalline and amorphous silicon. However, I will share your point with the company.


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