TFSF Source setting

I would like to setup a TFSF Source to analysis scattering in a nanosilicon structure. The incident light must be polarized in the Y-DIRECTION, and perpendicular to the plane XY. In the section where a define the TFST wave the injection axis must be z-axis? My setting are the followings… check pictures adjuncts. and please correct me any errors.

The ideal setup will be something like this…

Dear @rod

To change the polarization to be in the y-direction, you can set the polarization angle to 90 from the General tab.You will see that blue line for the TFSF source will be updated to be in the y-direction. The red line shows the direction of propagation and from the attached figures, it injects light in the -z direction (z, backward means -z). The figure that you have attached for the ideal Setup wasn’t to clear to follow.

I hope this answers your questions.

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Hi @rod
I tried to make a research about TFSF source in Lumerical’s knowledge base. In this page . I downloaded the example and i noticed that there is a circle scheme .

Why do you use a scheme like V ? Is it necessary for your design ?

Yes, the geometric of the structure has a significant factor on the cross section absorption scattering values, the general ideal is that working with different L,W, and H values you will have diferent scaterring direction dependent of the incident wavelength. Attached is my fsp file , feel free to do whatever you like I will appreciated any feedback. The wavelength concerned are 𝜆1≈755nm and 𝜆2≈660nm.

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vshapeV1.2Saturday.fsp (272 KB)