sweeping parameters in nested strucutre groups



I am trying to make a structure group oas shown in this filehexa 1.fsp (360.5 KB)
i would like to add the parametr…to change all of them together…how could I do that?


Hi. I am guessing that you want to change the parameters of all of the rounded tip cones together from the top level structure group. If that is the case then the solution is very straightforward. You can imagine the parameters of the structure group creating the rounded tip cone as a single object with some parameters. Now just like the way you can set the “x span” of a rectangle in a structure group by using the command “setnamed” in the setup script, you can set the properties of the structure group as well.

In the figure above, you can see that to set the index of the cone from the top level structure group, we can first define similar parameters in the mid level structure groups (named ‘structure group’) and and use their script to set the cone index according to their parameter value. Next we can define another similar parameter in the top level structure group (named ‘top level’) and in a similar manner, set the value of the parameter in the mid level structure group. This same approach can be used through any arbitrary number of levels.