Sweeping FDTD region and monitor size


I need to weep the period of a periodic structure so in order to always have one unit cell in the simulation region, I also have to sweep the FDTD region and accordingly the monitor size. So the results for individual simulations of the sweep have different sizes and can not be saved. Any suggestions to solve my problem?


Hi, @skharratian15 !

For this purpose you can create a parameter sweep project, as explained in

Please, write if it helps you and inform me about your progress.


thanks for your reply. I am using parameter sweep but the problem is that the size of results matrices are different in each individual simulation of the sweep so finally they cannot be saved and I am getting this error: “The results from the individual simulations of ‘::model::Field_1D::Ex’ are of different sizes and could not be saved.”


Dear @skharratian15 !

Sorry for not complete answer.
I think that similar problem has already been asked in this forum and @aalam from Lumerical team had a workaround for this:


Please, keep me informed on your problem.


Thank you very much, I solved the problem by changing the mesh settings from fixed mesh steps to fixed number of cells.