Sweep over the doping concentration


I need to run the same FDTD simulation for multiple values of doping concentration, do I have to enter each doping concentration as a new material or is there a way that I can change the material definition and make a sweep?


I think there are several possibilities. I’ll need a bit more information to determine the best option.

First, I just want to confirm that you are trying to include the effect of the dopant concentration on the refractive index, rather that the effect of free carrier concentration on the refractive index.

Next, is your data spatially varying, or constant?

Finally, are you interested in collecting data from your FDTD simulation at a single frequency or do you want broadband results?


Yes, it is the doping and it is constant, not spatially varying. Actually, I need broadband results.
Changing the doping is manifested as a change in the free carrier concentration of the Drude model of the material. This is how I modeled it. I am not quite sure if there’s another way to model it.