Surface Plasmon Resonance of gold film

Sir i want to see the effect of another source in resonance angle of 50 nm gold film. i want to observe if there is any change in the SPR angle if one more external source is injected on the 50 nm gold surface.
I have added the image of the simulation model. i also want to change the polarization of the external incident source. i am experiencing some problems regarding the boundary to prefer. i also have added the .fsp file for help. The result i am expecting that due to the incident of any external source the Spr angle should not change .

Gold SPR pOlarization.fsp (259.9 KB)


. I am Using the latest Lumerical 2020a 30 day trial version to obtain the result.
Please help me out

Hello @p20190063,

You can do this using the “polarization angle” setting of the plane wave sources.

The boundary conditions look correct, you should be using Bloch in the y direction and PML in the x direction.

Yes, this should be correct. However keep in mind that adding the second source will change the measured results, because the monitors will also record data from this source, as well as the angled source.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.