Surface Current Distribution


Dear community,

May i know how can i obtain the surface current distribution just like in the figure attached?

I am not sure if i am allowed to post the image but the reference is here:
Dipolar Resonance Enhancement and Magnetic Resonance in CrossCoupled Bow-Tie Nanoantenna Array by Plasmonic Cavity


Hi @wxlim1,

There is the exmaple of how to calculate the surface charge density in a KB wesite, you can refer to it. This could be a guidline for you.


Hi @isawjsy,

I have looked at the example before, but it does not indicate the direction of the flow of electrons.
Is it possible to include it with the surface current distribution plot?


Hi @wxlim1,

If you want to add the field vectors in the plot, you can refer to this KB page. After exporting your field data as a Matlab format, you can plot the field vector data with arrows using the quiver command.


Hi @isawjsy,

Thanks for your insights. :slight_smile:


Hi @wxlim1,

Thank you for your comment. I hope that it will help you out!


hello, have you solved this problem?

I am facing the same problem. I know that using “getdata” can extract the data in an electric field monitor, but at this time, i have to get data from a analysis group, so how can I do it and plot the surface current with arrows?



Hi, you can look at this example which shows you how to calculate the surface current of a resonance.

The one in this thread actually shows you how to obtain the field vectors.