Starting the software without specifying the full path in Linux



To start the product application, like FDTD Solutions, without having to type in the full path in Linux when using the Terminal console, run the setup script ‘’. This setup script is in the bin sub-directory of the product installation folder. The script will add FDTD Solutions to your user’s system path. It also provides the option of adding a shortcut icon on your desktop. For more information, see Step #8 on the KB Article:
FDTD solutions installation instructions.

Run the setup script with the following command

sh /opt/lumerical/fdtd/bin/

Once complete, the software can be started in a Terminal window without including the full path, as shown below:


To add MODE Solutions, DEVICE or INTERCONNECT to your user account’s path setting, please refer to Step #8: Next Steps on each of the Product’s corresponding installation instruction page on our KB:
Lumerical product installation page for Linux

Installation in Linux without root access