SPR biosensor

I am trying to build an SPR bio sensor. the idea is water passes through a microfluidic cell above the prism and the shift in the spr curve is detected. But the simulation in my file is not working. And also the scrip for the graph keeps showing an error of no sweepers.

Can someone take a look and tell me what is wrong?
Thank you verymuch PRISM.lsf (1.2 KB)
Prism.fsp (827.9 KB)

The root of your problem lies in the structure and source

  1. You did not define the material for the ‘Glass’ structure.
  2. The source has been placed outside the FDTD simulation region. It has to be placed inside.
    I have made the above changes and here is the simulation file: Prism_updated.fsp (828.3 KB)

Please let me know if this fixes your problems.

Also, did you intentionally design a two dimensional structure?

Thank you for your help. I tried to run the simulation but the program still crashes.

Also is the Code written right?

Thank you again.

That’s weird. It seems to be working fine on my end. Are you using the latest version of DEVICE? Can you put up a screenshot of the error?