Spatially varying permittivity rotation result does not appear in index monitor




I’m working with the anisotropic permittivity rotation as detailed in this example link. With this approach I’m applying a spatially varying permittivity rotation across a 2D waveguide cross-section. While it is working in the FDE mode calculation (i.e. the output mode profile and neff are clearly affected by applying a ‘grid attribute name’, and in the expected fashion), the index_x, index_y plots do not show the effect of the spatial variation applied by the grid attribute in the index data.

Is there a way to force the effect of the permittivity rotation to appear in the index monitor?



Hi @jryckma

Index monitor currently record only diagonal index and do not record any information about the permittivity transformations.

Can you elaborate further on your inquiry and share your simulation file for a review?



Yes that’s what I’m finding as well. Perhaps this could be a feature request for a future version? I suppose we can calculate our own index profile in Matlab, but it would be a nice feature to have built into the index monitor, it would also provide a nice setup sanity check vs. having to verify the expected field continuity/discontinuity.

Here’s our file AnisotropicWVG_example.lms (2.2 MB)
and a copy of the script GenerateCustom2DRotationAttribute.lsf (828 Bytes)
used to generate the grid attribute for those who may be interested.



Thanks, Judson for sharing the files. You can request this as a new feature in IX: