spatial down sampling


spatial down sampling will effect the output of fdtd,or it just decrease the memory requirement alon

What is the largest size of matrix? Error message: there is not enough memory to complete this command

Dear @muhamed.shafeeq

Spatial downsmapling is the property of the monitor, and affects the spatial resolution of visualized data. So, it won’t affect FDTD simulation itself, but since it saves less data, it requires less memory.

Tip: In many cases, using the spatial downsampling option (Geometry tab of the monitor) will give a significant speed up with very little loss of accuracy, as long as the nyquist limit is observed (at least two spatial points per the shortest wavelength). If the mesh size is 15 nm and the wavelength is 400nm, then it might be possible to set the downsampling as large as 10 or 13 (400/15/2 = 13.333).

I hope I could answer your question.


Thank you very much