Some useful scripting keyboard shortcuts


  1. Indent and unindent lines: “Ctrl-]” and “Ctrl-[”
    This will add or remove 4 spaces to either the current line or all selected lines.

  2. Comment and uncomment lines: “Ctrl-R” and “Ctrl-T”
    This will add or remove one “#” to the start of either the current line or all selected lines. It does it immediately before the first non-whitespace character in the line. Lines that are all whitespace are ignored.

  3. Smart Indent: “Ctrl-I”
    This will smart indent all selected lines or the entire document if nothing is selected. For selected lines, it will first round first non-whitespace line to the nearest integer multiple of 4 spaces and then it will begin the smart indent from there. When doing the entire document, it will move remove all leading whitespace on the first non-whitespace line, and then continue from there. It uses a 4 space indent.

The above features are also available in context menu when you right click in the script file editor.

The following shortcuts move the position of the cursor:

  1. Move to beginning/end of the current line: “Home”/“End”

  2. Move to beginning/end of line while selecting: “Shift+Home”/"Shift+End"
    This will move the cursor from the current position to the beginning or end of the line of code while toggling the selection of the cursor locations. ie. if the text is not selected it will become selected, and if it is already selected it will be de-selected.

  3. Move cursor to very beginning of script: “Ctrl+Home” or “Shift+Ctrl+Home”

  4. Move cursor to very end of script: “Ctrl+End” or “Shift+Ctrl+End”

The shortcuts for 6 and 7 were added in the 2017a R5 version of the software.

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