Some parameters in the analysis group seem not editable?



I downloaded this square2D.fsp from this bandstructure page. I tried to change the f1 and f2 parameters in the dipole_cloud analysis group. However, there is no effect at all, even though I have hit the OK button. When I open the analysis group again, the parameters stay unchanged, the frequency of the dipole sources are not changed. What is the reason?

Trying to make dipole orthogonal to z-axis but nothing is happening

there are some parameters set in “model”. you can modify there.


Hi @kchow, @gsun,

I’d like to suggest another candidate approach to modify the frequency(f1,f2) variables in the analysis group. You can additionaly type f1, f2 variables - f1 = 10e12; f2 = 700e12; - as you want to assign in the starting line of the setup script, then click OK.

If you take a close look at one of the dipole source S1 of dipole_cloud analysis group in the objects tree, you can find out the start, stop frequencies (f1,f2) have been changed as you want.



I think @gsun’s reply is the reason why the parameters (f1, f2, and more) stay unchanged, it is because that there is a higher hierarchy - Model that is setting the those parameters. So the analysis group will look for what is pre-set in Model. Now, changing these parameters in Model are going to be effective and in fact this can be a very useful feature if you need to change the same parameter in multiple groups/objects.

The suggestion from @isawjsy is going to be effective too and I think this will override the pre-set hierarchy. I would suggest users pay extra care when using this approach.


Hi @kchow,

If you just put down some commands in the script promt window such as f1 = 10e12; f2 = 700e12; set(‘f1’,f1); set(‘f2’,f2);, then you will confirm that the f1, f2 values are altered in the setup script of the dipole_cloud analysis group.