Some more helpful instructions in creating an arbitrary geometry using planar solid

  • Divide structure into M layers.
  • Divide the surface of each layer into N segments (facets).
  • Number each points 1,2,3,……
  • Record the x, y, z coordinate of each points.
  • Define the faces by grouping the corner points
    ** for example, for the highlighted facet has 4 corners and can be defined as [N+1, N+2, 2N+2, 2N+1]
  • Note the top surface is made up by triangles so each facet has 3 corner points
  • Note there will be a bottom surface as well similar to the top surface not seen in the figure.
  • Once you know how to find all the points and all the facets, check out this KB page ( to see how you can create a planar solid.
  • My recommendation would be to use method 1 in the script example.

This is an excellent illustration on how to create such irregular objects. If users want to have a smoother shape, like a real vase, many thinner layers and large N are recommended. However, to test your script, you can use fewer.