Solver is not working in MODE




I am trying to simulate the ring resonator in MODE through this example

the solvers FDE and varFDTD are not working at same time. When one is active other becomes inactive and vice versa.
when RUN the varFDTD solver I am getting no output for the monitors


Hi @la5w7

Only one solver can be active at a time and you can run either FDE or varFDTD but not simultaneously.

I also ran varFDTD simulations and they finished with no problem:

Please download the file again and elaborate on what was your problem.



It was working fine until yesterday. I download the lms file from the website and then load it in MODE and when I press the RUN button nothing happens.

the monitors show nothing
is this a error


Dear @la5w7

I have provided a reply in the link below:
Problem with running varFDTD

Hope it solves the problem.