Solar Generation rate for thermal analysis and how to load the temperature profile in device

In my device structure, when ever I want to run modified solar generation group, I found several errors(I modified the analysis group like yours with the variables and results ). Will you please solve the problem and give an universal analysis group so that we can use it in any strucutre?
in the 3rd step of of thermal analysis in planar solar cell example, I want to load thermal profile (temperature profile) in my charge solver, how to import temperature profile in charge solver in that respect?



Hi @1105058.mmah, The problem in the current version of the generation rate analysis group I believe is that it cannot handle symmetric/asymmetric boundary conditions. I have modified the script so that it is able to handle that now. Try using the analysis group in the following file and let me know if this solves the problem for you.

solar_planar_thermal_FINAL_updated.fsp (281.9 KB)

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Dear Sir,

I used the modified file to get the thermal profile but I can’t. If you may look at my structure and help me to find my mistake.

to get thermal profile.fsp (278.8 KB)

Thanks in advance

Dear Sir,

I’m sorry but what about my question?

Thank you

Hi @gsvp6, my apologies for the long wait. I have checked your file and there was a mistake in the modified analysis group that was creating an error when you ran it. I have fixed the error so if you now run the simulation and analysis group it will work. Please note that I have reduced the size of the simulation region in the modified file to run the simulation quickly so make sure to change the size back to what you want it to be.

Modified file: to get thermal profile MOD.fsp (278.6 KB)

I have also updated the original file in the previous post so the analysis group in that file should work now as well.