SOA Model in Lumerical Interconnect

Hi, I am trying to use the TWLM model in Lumerical Interconnect as an SOA with saturable gain.
My purpose is to achieve optical gain in an incoming CW Laser centered at 1550 nm and see the saturation behaviour of the SOA device.

Unfortunately until now i am achieving only the same output from the device, and it seems its output is the same even if i remove the CW laser.

Is there a simple way to configure the TWLM to achieve that? Or is there another component more suitable for an SOA?


I have done a sweep on the laser power, the following picture represents that

Hi @l.demarinis,

I believe we are doing some SOA examples with the TWLM element and I will check on this with the developers team and get back to you.

Thank you very much. I will wait your response!


We are also trying to use Interconnect for modeling SOA-based optical switches. There is no SOA compact model available in Interconnect. Would you please help us in this way.



I’m also dealing with that problem. I would be most grateful if you could address this issue.

Thank you.

I am also working on a similar problem and would love to know if there has been any solution. Thanks!

Hello @laruege,

I posted an example of the use of the TWLM element as an SOA in your other topic here: