Slanted cone

Hello, could someone please explain to me the procedure to make a slanted cone in FDTD solver. I was trying to replicate this figure:image

I tried this one, but the index profile is not correct. And also the meshing process doesn’t begin. I have attached the simulation file and the index cone.fsp (336.0 KB)
glass cone_p0.log (803 Bytes) image
I took the code from this page How to draw a (truncated) cone in DEVICE using the 'planar solid' object and Radial doping of cone structure

Hello @samiya.kabir,

Thank you for the question. Which method did you use from the post you linked? It mentions two methods, one with a planar solid and one that uses a truncated cone. I believe that the truncated cone method outlined in this post should give you the shape you need:

Please let me know if this is not what you need. (It seems like the pictures are difficult to see in the quote. Please take a look at the original post to see the pictures in a higher resolution)

This might be because of the way you defined the cone. Did you use the planar solid or the truncated cone method?

I used the planar solid process, specifically this code

But the one you suggested worked, thank you so much.