Simulation of PbS quantum dots under illumination


Is it possible to use FDTD solution to simulate the optical response (generation rate, photovoltage) of several layers of PbS quantum dots under illumination?


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To calculate generation rate, you can use FDTD (to calculate absorption) and optical generation rate analysis group. You can find CW generation rate and solar generation rate from Object library as is shown in the screenshot below:

Here are a few useful link for you review:


Regarding photovoltage calculation, can you please clarify what you are looking to calculate? I’m afraid we may be limited to simulate the response in these simulations if they are not classical (due to quantum behaviour of quantum dots):

My colleague @aalam can provide you more details if you had further questions.



Where did you obtain the refractive index values (real and imaginary) for the PbS quantum dots you simulated? I would like to simulate the absorption spectra of PbS quantum dots, but I’m having issues finding adequate refractive index values, which is necessary as PbS is not a default material.

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EDIT to the above post.

Here is a link to one of the sources I used. Note, it is not an official source.

D G Avery 1953, Proc. Phys. Soc. B, 66, 134

Thanks @wrj6 for sharing the link with us.