simulation of a graphene based transistors


Is there any way to simulate graphene based transistor (GFET) in DEVICE in order to extract transistor characteristics, e.g. I-V plot, Rds.???
According to discussion: Simulation of graphene photodetector, it is possible to extract the generation rate in graphene layer. But I don’t know how to insert the graphene generation rate in DEVICE (because it is 2D data!)
Moreover, the discussion: , proposed a new way to define graphene as a 3D material, just by changing some parameters. However, according the writer, “The resulting model, while not physically accurate, is able to calculate the carrier density of graphene with reasonable accuracy and can be used as a good first approximation”.
Can I use that 3D model for analyzing any graphene based device?

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Hello. The 3D graphene model used in the modulator example is a fitted model and should not be used for transport simulation. A proper 2D density of states (DOS) model is required for the simulation of I-V characteristics. Unfortunately DEVICE does not support 2D DOS currently.

Regarding the import of 2D generation rate data into 3D graphene, the modification can be done easily by assuming a thickness for the graphene layer and then convert the 2D matrix into a 3D one using script command. For example, if the 2D data has a constant generation rate of 1e15/cm^2 and the thickness of the 3D graphene layer is assumed to be 1 nm (1e-7 cm), then the generation rate for 3D graphene will be 1e15/1e-7 = 1e22/cm^3.

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