simulation in mode solution


I using a mode solution to simulate an AWGs example,but it can not propagate shown in filed profile monitor. Can you please help me to check the simulation file?

awg-mode.lms (558.2 KB)



Hi @qi.han.1
In Lumerical’s knowledge base you can find informations about star couplers and AWG. .
Also you can find an example. I see you file and i found out that something is going wrong with your star couplers. I think that your star couplers are not correctly designed. Look the Lumerical’s star coupler.

There are many differences between yours star coupler and Lumerical’s differences.

Best regards

Thank you very much for your reply. My design is just a simple example, and I can simulate in FDTD. Here is the E field profile,
But when i simulate it in mode solution, it shows the optics can not propagate in my structure. Here is the E filed profile calculated in mode solution.


Hi @qi.han.1
I think that you have not design properly the star couplers. I would like to make it clear. Here you can see a star coupler .

And let’s remove some items from the star coupler to make it clear

I think you your design should be modified.