Simulation error: "The point set is trivial"


I am running a 3D charge transport simulation on Lumerical Device, but when it arrives at 90%, it comes out the following error: “The point set is trivial”. The system, then, aborts the simulation. Can you help me understanding and consequently solving that kind of error, please? Thank you in advance.



Hi @francesco.manegatti
Could you please give me the number of error ?

I did not notice any error number

Hi @konslekk
Unfortunately I did not notice any error number.

Hi @francesco.manegatti, The error message is most likely coming from a monitor not being able to record data at some point(s). You can check this by disabling all monitors. Can you please test this and let me know if this is due to a monitor? If so then please let me know what type of monitor it is (1d, 2d, or 3d).

Hi @aalam. I think the problem was more related to the limitated memory of my PC, which is not enough to perform a 3D simulation.

Hi @francesco.manegatti, in that case can you try to make the mesh coarse and see if that allows you to run the simulation? The definition of coarse mesh depends on the device you are simulating but just as a rough idea I would recommend using max edge length of 1 um and min edge length on 0.05 um or higher.