Simulation 2D projection of scatteting of a Si antenna



I’m trying to simulate using FDTD, some kind of effect of rotation of the scattering direction in a particular structure of Si. The single elements is a V shape Si antenna . I setup my monitors , but I don’t know how to plot the right information of the Electric field and Magnetic field scattering effect in a polar coordinate graph.(The monitor are setting for far field scattering and cross section)
The incident source is a TFSF wave source preferable setting for 755 nm and 660 nm wavelengths.
Adjunct you will fine my fsp file.I’m pretty new on Lumerical, any help will be appreciate
vshapeV1.2Saturday.fsp (272.5 KB)



I believe the you are trying to do some work related to the following paper:

The same authors have another paper with plasmonic nanoparticles, where the report the details of their analysis in the supporting information.

Here is a link to that paper.

I will take a look at your file and get back to you. I have been interested in performing a similar calculation for my system.

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Hi @rod
In Lumerical’s knowledge base there is a new chapter about antennas.
In this page there are three chapters. The chapter about rectangular probe antenna has an example of electric and magnetic field