Simple broadband BSDF/BRDF



By default, the BSDF analysis group from the Object Library only works for single frequency analysis. Users want multi-frequency analysis will need to re-run the simulation again with a different frequency. That being said, it should be possible to modify the scripts to work for multi-frequency analysis, or data extraction.

The idea is to run the BSDF analysis group for all frequency points after the simulation is run. The analysis group is first modified to take different frequencies. The lsf file is also modified to loop over all frequencies and save the data in a cell. Additional work is required to package all BSDF data in a single matrix dataset since the size for the data is different at different frequency.

Download and run these files (modified based on this example):
bsdf_simple_broadband.fsp (3.6 MB)
bsdf_simple_broadband.lsf (2.0 KB)

It can return data for more multiple frequencies:

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