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How can I introduce sigma electron and sigma hole as an input in Lumerical Device

Hi. DEVICE material database does not take sigma (conductivity) directly as an input. However, electrical conductivity of a semiconductor is given by,

sigma = sigma_n + sigma_p = e * n * mu_n + e * p * mu_p

where ‘e’ is the charge of a single electron, ‘n’ and ‘p’ are the electron and hole density, and ‘mu_n’ and ‘mu_p’ are the electron and hole mobility. These last two parameters are what is needed in the DEVICE material database. So, if you know the values of ‘n’ and ‘p’ from the doping concentration (or the intrinsic carrier concentration if the semiconductor is undoped), you should be able to calculate ‘mu_n’ and ‘mu_p’ from sigma_n and sigma_p.

Since it sounds like you are creating a material of your own, please take a look at this KB page to learn about the semiconductor material model used in DEVICE and this KX post to see some tips about creating a new semiconductor.

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