Shifting in voltage value


I have a problem in the results of device.
There is a shifting in voltage value than the value in a paper (the two curves attached).
what is the problem that make shifting in voltage?


Hi @yara_elsebaai. When comparing the result from a simulation to measurement data there may be quite a few sources of error (e.g. material parameters, doping profile, geometry, thermal effect, etc.). However in this particular case the most important quantity I believe would be the recombination rate. The shift in your I-V mainly results in a mismatch in the open-circuit voltage (Voc). The open circuit voltage is strongly dependent on the recombination rate (and hence the dark current). A good starting point for you would be to try and match the dark current of the experimental device with your simulation first. This will allow you to calibrate the recombination rates. Once you have calibrated the material property to get the right dark current you should be able to get a better estimation of the photocurrent.

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Thank you very much.
Recombination rate is the problem.


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