Setting up simulation from script



I am not sure if I am writing my question at the right place. Please guide me if I should write it somewhere else.
I have a general question about scripting. Is it possible to just script and Not use any graphical key in a project? In other words, is scripting comprehensive enough to include all features?

Scripting issue

Hi @hghor044

Scripting is very comprehensive and you can almost do anything that you can do in GUI. If you have any specific questions I will be happy to assist you with.


Thank you very much. I wonder to know if there is any command to clear the script prompt?


Ho @hghor044

I think your question is answered in the link below:
Clear Screen (cls/clc)

It looks the CTRL + Z does not work, but script works just fine.

If you were interested to learn more about scripting language, our scripting 100 course might be the best place to start with:
Lumerical University