Setting the alloy fraction in DEVICE from script environment

Hi, I want to use the structure group in DEVICE to add alloy structure, but the constituent of each component is fixed and I don‘t know how to write the script to change the propotion. Could you tell me the script language of defining custom alloy content? Thank you very much !

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately you cannot change the alloy fraction from script in DEVICE. You will have to do it manually using the user interface. I will make a new feature request for the development team so that this may get added in a future release.

There is actually a script command. Look at the second post below.

Oh, it’s a pity. Thank you for your reply!

Hi again. I found out that there is actually a script command in DEVICE that you can use to set the alloy fraction of your geometry. The command is this one: setcompositionfraction. The link will take you to the KB page which explains how to use the command to set the alloy fraction. Let me know if you have any questions and my apologies for the misdirection earlier.

It’s so great! Thank you very much!

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