Separation of modes in a crystal lattice structure

I have drawn a crystal lattice with source at an angle equal to 30 degrees. I have used ports as source in TE MODE. But the monitor is not showing the desired results.I want to see the reflection bands for both TE and TM modes. I have attached my file below.
I also tried using plane wave source with polarisation angle equal to 30 degrees.but in that case it shows me both modes in a single curve and I am not able to separate them.bbb123.fsp (625.9 KB)

Dear @mohini.nagpal1

Thanks for detailed question.

Mode source are used for cases where light can be confined inside a waveguide. In your case since light in injected in free space, plane wave should be selected.

How you define TE and TM modes in crystal lattice structure? Do you have any references discussing these details to share them with us?