Semiconductor work function in DEVICE


Often I have seen users getting confused about how to define the work function of their custom semiconductor material. This is because the work function of a semiconductor depends on the level of doping and when creating a material model for a doped semiconductor, users often include the doping effect in their input work function values. However, this would be the wrong thing to do. The input work function of a custom semiconductor should be for the intrinsic material. When the user puts a doping object on top of their semiconductor, the CHARGE solver automatically accounts for the doping effects of the work function and recalculates it. So if you use a modified work function to begin with, the solver will adjust it again and you would end up with a wrong work function.

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simulation failing with error message:error during matrix solve


is it possible to know the formula used to calculate the work function for a doped semiconductor starting from the work function of the intrinsic material? I’m trying to match Lumerical results to analytical calculations and I’m wondering whether I’m using the same formula or not.



I think this was addressed in the topic below: