Self heating in microring

I’d like to simulate the self heating effect in a depletion type micro-ring modulator. I cannot quite figure out how to do it in Lumerical? Basically I have a silicon micro ring resonator with an embedded pn junction. The ring is coupled to a bus waveguide where light of given intensity and wavelength is sent in. When the wavelength of the light is tuned across the ring’s resonance, the ring will self heat due to absorption of the light, and the resonance wavelength will change as a result. What I want to do is to calculate the ring resonator’s transmission spectrum with self heating.



Hi @chuan.xie
There is an idea that comes in my mind about pn junction in ring resonators. Let’s consider that you want to simulate a single bus ring resonator with a pn junction phase shifter waveguide. You can install the library SiEPIC-EBeam PDK in INTERCONNECT and drag and drop the directional coupler “ebeam_dc_halfring_straight_te1550” Here you can find how to install .Here you can read about Lumerical’s library Then you can add from Lumerical’s library the phase shifter based on PN junction
Here is what I mean

Be careful Lumerical’s library and SiEPIC EBeam PDK are two different libraries. @bkhanaliloo Is it a problem that the two components belong in different libraries ?

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It shouldn’t be a problem to use elements from different libraries. However, if you would like to get the closest results to something that you would fabricate from a particular foundry then it’s best to use the CML from that foundry.

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where can I find the PN junction in interconnect which is mentioned in the figure above

Where can I find the same PN junction model element as given in the picture as it is not a part of the element library?

Dear @lekha.rane,

This specific pn phase shifter was provided with LCML which is no longer distributed. However, the model built in the application example is similar. You can also use the pn phase shifters from any of the foundries (e.g. TowerJazz and IMEC).

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