Second harmonic generation from a MoS2 monolayer

I am trying to simulate the angular dependence of SHG intnesity and incident laser polarization from a MoS2 layer. This paper (link: provided the results that i want.
By the crystal symmetry of the MoS2, only these Chi2 terms are nonzero

I have read some text on nonlinear optics, but I still don’t have idea how to fit it into the Chi2 model which is in this form

It will be great if anyone could give me guidance on this.
Thank you so much.

Dear @chaulwong5-c

Unfortunately our software is limited on the type of the non-linearity that it can solve.

From our previous discussion here, software is able to simulate simple cases where polarization in one axis depends on only the electric on the same direction. Also, as I mentioned in our previous discussion, the Chi2 matrix is a 333 matrix and we downsize the matrix to a 3*3 tensor for simpler cases that we are dealing with. So, in the representation available on our website, Chi_xx is the same as Chi_xxx and Chi_yy is Chi_yyy.

I hope that this clarifies our notations and sorry again that we can’t help you at this moment due to software limitations.

I hope this answered your question.