[Scripting Error] Requested property is inactive



Hi all,
I need some help here. I am using the ring resonator structure group, I tried to change the refractive index of the material by replacing this script command set(“material”,material) with set(“index”, 3.47). Then I clicked Test. I got the following errors.

Warning: prompt line 28: in set, the following messages apply to at least one of the objects
Error: prompt line 28: in set, the requested property is inactive
Error: prompt line 28: set command failed for all selected objects



The issue is that there are two separate properties that you need to consider: ‘material’, which is the name of a material from the database, and ‘index’ which allows you to directly specify the refractive index of the object when the ‘material’ property is set to ‘Object defined dielectric’.

Click Edit structure group. In the properties tab, change the material to “Object defined dielectric”. In the script tab, you should have the following two commands:

set(“index”, 3.47);

Hope this helps!